The Alchemy of Art Podcast

46 Your Painting Journey, Finding Your Voice

June 20, 2017

Where are you on your artistic path and where are you going?  In this episode your host, Addie Hirschten, discusses how the reasons why we create can change over time.  She shares how her work has changed over the years and offers questions to help you articulate your own direction.  Using the story behind the hymn, Amazing Grace, as an example Hirschten urges artists to be flexible and ready to take new direction.

On the Alchemy of Art Podcast we interview artists from a wide variety of mediums about their creative process and art philosophy.  Each episdoe includes folktales and true stories about artists to inspire you and keep you going.  Hosted by Addie Hirschten, a contemporary impressionist painter, art teacher, author and public speaker.  Find out more at